Our History

In 1996 a group of professionals from the Cameroon Diaspora in the UK came together to establish a Cameroon Professional Group (CPG) to meet regularly as a support network and to explore opportunities to collaboratively undertake business in Cameroon. Members successfully met monthly as a mutual support network but encountered significant challenges in creating and running a business in Cameroon remotely from the UK as a group. These challenges resulted in a number of members dropping out of the group to the extent that in 1999 the CPG was disbanded.

A small group of four key members and their families immediately decided to re-launch the group as The Millennium Group (TMG) with a focus on rebuilding the new group, strengthening the family mutual social engagement aspect, and exploring opportunities to develop new activities that drew on members' professional knowledge and expertise.

Over the succeeding years following the re-launch in 2000, the group gained a significant reputation as a professional network and attracted new members and quickly grew from four to eleven families by 2002. The family aspect has been a unique feature of the group. Since its re-launch, TMG has developed a wide range of services described in greater detail under the "Our Portfolios" section of this website.

Our core services include:

TMG Consultancy (TMG-C)


TMG Consultancy

Undertakes business consultancy activities on various areas of professional expertise including Business Process Management, Information and Communications Technology, Telecommunications and Engineering.

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TMG Foundation (TMG-F)


TMG Foundation

Is a charitable Trust of Cameroonian professionals (in the UK) whose main aim is to pool their efforts to support sustainable development activities concerning Cameroonians both in Cameroon and in the Diaspora.

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