Please join us as a partner or as a sponsor.

We work collaboratively with a number of partners and sponsors. We have worked or are currently working with the following:

  • FASAF (Rescuing Teenage Girls/Education/Poverty Alleviation) - FASAF stands for Father Samson Foundation, based in Akwaya, South West Region, Cameroon. FASAF rescues truly desperate young girls and boys: girls for example who would be otherwise married at 12 years old or thereabouts, and young boys who would otherwise be literally abandoned. We have paid upfront for some for their education for 5 years!! in order to guarantee they do not get "recaptured" into the circumstances they have been rescued from. Needs: fees, books, subsistence, etc (2009 to date).
  • HUPA (Education/Poverty Alleviation) - HUPA stands for Hope for the Under-Privileged Association - based in the North West Region of Cameroon, Africa. TMGF has started funding 25 (twenty five) primary school AIDS orphan pupils - who would otherwise drop off school. We have committed to funding them to the end of primary school. Issue: poverty due to orphanage. Needs: fees, books, subsistence, support, buildings, etc. (2008 to date)
  • Akum Deaf School (Education): TMGF has started funding the only deaf school in a province of 3 million people in Cameroon - with no funding from the government. We will endeavour to "buddy" this school up to UK equivalents, help lobby for Government funding and help apply for UK grants. Issue: marginalisation of the disabled in Cameroon. Needs: infrastructure, books; dormitories, etc. (2008 to date)
  • SAJOCAH (Healthcare): TMGF is supporting poor children through operations who would otherwise suffer disability when some operations may prevent lifelong disability. See pictures below. The girl below would have been condemned to a life of disability, poverty, begging, etc. Now after her operation which is funded by the Charity Sajocah, she can now live an independent life. Needs: subsistence, infrastructure, funding to take on more disabled children, training, etc. (2008 to date)


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