How it works

You register with TMG consultancy as an independent consultant in a qualifying professional field.
TMG receives requests for services and assigns to qualifying consultants to prepare bids or submit proposals.
Following successful offers, TMG Consultants travel to our client's base to take on short assignments lasting from a few days to a few weeks. You can do this during your annual leave, break between contracts or any free time from your normal place of work.
Depending on the assignment, there may be some preparatory work such as preparing training or course materials for the assignment.
TMG Consultancy pays its consultants a daily rate as agreed at the bid submission, for successfully delivered assignments. TMG Consultancy picks up the cost for travel and subsistence while the consultant is on assignment.

What Next?
If you are interested in working for TMG Consultancy then your first step is to contact us for an application pack. Please send an email to or write to us at the above address.


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